The First – Again

I am not new to blogging, in fact I have been blogging since high school. Back then, I am a virgin to the real world, minding just my books, facing my greatest fear – my gruesome math teacher. College when I worked out a lot and all I did was rant about how college sucks being not the most liked person in the crowd, having to deal with all the gossip and insecurities around me. Being able to write and blog about it, it has this feeling – therapeutic at most, of when you are confiding to the world, but the world thinks that you are too immature, too selfish to open up about what is life.

Writing all these years, blogging with lots of procrastination and year-by-year gap, because of my unfathomably ridiculous chase of dreams and patching them up together to form my own reality, at the verge of my quarter life I have decided to start yet again another blog to put all my reflections in life, be it happy or sad, manic or depressive, just my take on life, appreciating every heart beat.